July 9, 2012

Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde (175) Review

I've been wanting to dye my hair for months but the hair bleach that I wanted to purchase was always out of stock. The other day, I got depressed since my report at school was a big failure so I bought a hair dye to ease my depression. 

Photos of the actual product

My hair before

Sometimes its jet black and sometimes its in dark brown. My hair color changes depending on the season I guess. Also, my face changes in every picture. Don't you agree? LOL

Oh BTW, My hair is a non treated, virgin hair. But, I did dye my hair 4 years ago but I think the dyed part has been cut off already. So yeah. 

My Hair After

Here's how it looks like when its under the sun

Here's how it looks like in natural light. Sorry for the blurry photo though, I couldn't get a decent photo. 

The review

Disclaimer: I wouldn't review this using my usual format. I will be using the sentence form since I think this will be kinda long

I got this product at Watsons in SM Valenzuela for P425 per box(about 10 USD). I used the dye and followed the instructions properly. When I rinsed and dried my hair, it looked so horrible. The only dyed part was the roots and everything was still the way it looks like before I dyed my hair, so I tied my hair when I went to school since I couldn't pass it off as an ombre look since the color is only 3 inches away from the roots its just ridiculous. After school, I went back to the mall and bought another box of the same color. So, I spent  P850 just to dye my short hair. 

In my second hair dyeing session, I only applied the hair dye on the black part and left it for an hour instead of 25 minutes as indicated in the instructions. And the results are in the photos above. 

Well, I'm just glad that I magically even out my hair and it didn't turn red. I'm just not happy that my hair is super hard to comb I had to use tons of conditioner to make it soft. 

I really like the color when it gets hit by the sun. Though the color I wanted was lighter than this. But then, I recently discovered that bright artificial hair colors are prohibited in our school so I guess I just have to settle for this shade. 

Tip: If you wanted to dye your hair, I think you should start off the ends, I mean the ones distal from the roots. I think the part near the roots has lower keratin compared to the one's at the tips that's why it absorbs the hair dye faster and the ones at the distal portion is highly keratinized so it would take some time in order for the hair color to get absorbed I guess. This way, you wouldn't spend twice the amount like what happened to me. 

PS. If you do read some of my blogs, my hair kind of looks dark brown to almost black in some of my pictures. It must be the camera lighting. 

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